Project Description

2019 World’s Fair at DAR Museum Washington D.C

Aug. 3. 2019

Washington DC | The Daughter of American Revolution Museum

The Daughter of American Revolution Museum(DAR Museum) Third Annual World’s Fair was successfully held on August 3, 2019. It was a unique platform for audiences to experience different cultures through extensive partnerships with local organizations and individuals. And also, there was the second time for the Asian Fusion Gallery and Huaplus TV to be an exclusive Asian partner of this meaningful event.

Hundred visitors enjoyed the different cultures from various regions in the world by participating in games, handcrafts, and other activities. As the partner, Asian Fusion Gallery brought Chinese culture to the event, such as classical Chinese calligraphy interactive activities and puppet of dancing lions. These elements attracted so many visitors from different ages and expressed the traditional Chinese art to them.

Katie Cannon, the curator of education said: “Asia is such a very large area and so many different cultures. There are different languages and it’s a part of the world that I think oftentimes in this country in America we don’t learn as much, so it’s wonderful to have Asian Fusion Gallery here to give us a taste of this very rich and vibrant culture that you have.”