Project Description

Liu Shiming DC Sculpture

Liu Shiming’s Sculpture Exhibition at Washington D.C.

November 14th,2019 – November 27th, 2019

Washington DC | 1343 L ST NW Washington DC 20005

On November 14th, “Kindness Expresses Truth Love”—- Liu Shiming’s Sculpture Exhibition kicked off at Asian Fusion Gallery, Washington D.C., as the second stop of Liu Shiming’s Sculpture international tour, this Exhibition lasts for 14 days with the audience.

Some distinguished guests from museums, academics, political and business were invited to the opening ceremony, include Jiete Li, Curatorial Researcher, National Gallery of Art; Katie Cannon, Curator of Education, Daughters of the American Revolution Museum; Rafael Ulloa, Executive Editor of EL TIEMPO LATINO; Roquois Clarke, Creative Director of DowntownDC Business Improvement District, Jann Rosen-Queralt, Director, Rinehart School of Sculpture and so on.

The organizer also held a special exhibition for the Japanese guests, Yoshihiko Higuchi, First Secretary at the Embassy of Japan in the United States; Atsushi Lwai, Exhibition Coordinator, Japan Information and Culture Center, Embassy of Japan in the United States. After the tour, the two sides had an in-depth cultural exchange.

According to the theme, an interactive workshop was added to the exhibition, which invoked the audience’s interest in the traditional Chinese culture by experiencing the clay with their hands. western audiences lined up in the workshop to make Chinese characteristics sculptures such as Pandas. This form of experience narrowed the distance between the public and elegance art, it also allowed people to perceive and understand the beauty of art from their soul.