The Asian Cultural Symphony of the USA


The Asian Cultural Symphony of the USA is affiliated with the Asian Cultural Center. It is made up of nearly one hundred members, both Chinese and other races music professionals and lovers in Greater New York Area. Most members of the orchestra were previously trained in higher education institutions of music, of which more than half of them graduated from New York Julliard School. Some members have signed with major orchestras in the United States and become major forces of local music groups. The orchestra has also absorbed a batch of musicians graduated from music institutes but engaged in other industries. So far, the orchestra has participated hundreds of performances across the United States, such as New York Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, Carnegie Hall, New York City Hall and the United Nations Headquarters, The United States Capitol, and toured in New York, Washington DC, New Jersey, Maryland and Virginia.

美国亚文交响乐团隶属于美国亚洲文化中心,由来自大纽约地区音乐界的华裔以及美国各族裔人士组成,共有成员近百人。乐团成员大多毕业于纽约茱莉亚音乐学院The Juilliard School、曼哈顿音乐学院Manhattan School of Music、曼尼斯音乐学院Mannes School of Music、新英格兰音乐学院New England Conservatory of Music等世界著名音乐学府。部分成员系美国各大乐团签约演奏家。乐团还吸纳了一批从音乐学院毕业但从事其他行业的演奏家。迄今为止,乐团已在美国多地举行了数百场演出, 如纽约林肯艺术中心、卡内基音乐厅、纽约市政厅和联合国总部、美国国会大厦等,并在纽约、华盛顿DC、 新泽西、马里兰和弗吉尼亚进行了巡回演出。

Orchestra President: Yannan Geng, Director of Asian Cultural Center, New York, USA

美国亚文交响乐团主席:耿燕南 美国纽约亚洲文化中心主任

Orchestra Art Director and Conductor: Fei Fang, Musician and Conductor

美国亚文交响乐团总监:房飞  著名旅美音乐家、指挥家

Members of the Orchestra


Fei Fang

Orchestra Art Director and Conductor

Musician and Conductor

房飞    美国亚文交响乐团总监、指挥


Fei Fang was born in Shanghai, China. At an early age, he followed up great music masters in China to learn music, mainly in orchestra music. With the theater, he went to the UK, Germany, Belgium and other European countries to do tour performance in the 1970s. In 1980s, he came to the United States in music teaching, as the Greater New York area and the Greater Washington area Hundred People Chorus Command. In 2004, he founded the New York Eastern Chamber Orchestra and served as the music director and conductor. His performance was reported in the New York Times. In recent years, he and the Shanghai Theater Academy, Shanghai Dance Academy and other institutions participated in large-scale operas, dances and dramas production. He also led the Asian Cultural Center Symphony to perform in the Capitol Washington DC in February 1st, 2016.This is the first time in Chinese history. In March 26th, 2016, he led Asian Cultural Center Symphony and the world-famous soprano Inva Mula to perform in Manhattan Town Hall. It is of great success. He also served as New York 2016 CCTV Youth China singing competition music director and judge, the seventh International Youth Art Festival art director, 2015 Manhattan Piano Competition art director, 2016 North American University Lunar New Year Gala music director, 2015-2016 Cubatic Teenage Singing Contest judge, 2013-2016 SUPERNOVA Chinese American Singing Contest art direct and judge.

房飞出生于中国上海,自幼跟随当时的中国音乐大师们学习,主攻管弦乐。20世纪70年代即随中国国家级艺术团赴英国、德国、比利时、荷兰、卢森堡等欧洲国家访问巡演。80年代末赴美从事音乐教学,担任大纽约和大华府地区百人合唱指挥。2004年创办“纽约东方室内爱乐乐团”并担任音乐总监兼指挥。房飞是第一位在美国国会大厦演出的华人指挥家。他的演出曾被《纽约时报》报道。近年,他与上海戏剧学院、上海舞蹈学院等机构合作,参与大型京剧、大型舞蹈诗和大型舞剧的创作。2016年2月1日率领美国亚文交响乐团在华盛顿美国国会大厦演出,这是华人历史上的第一次。同年3月26日率领美国亚文交响乐团与世界级著名女高音Inva Mula在曼哈顿Town Hall合作演出。他曾担任纽约2016年“CCTV青春中国歌唱比赛”音乐总监兼评委、第七届“国际青少年文化艺术节”艺术总监、2015年“曼哈顿钢琴比赛”艺术总监、2016年纽约林肯艺术中心举办的首届“北美高校春晚”音乐总监、2015年和2016年“水立方杯华裔青少年中文歌曲大赛”纽约赛区评委、2013-2016年“超新星全美华人新秀歌唱大赛”艺术总监兼评委。

Yi-Chuan Chen

Associate Conductor


陈怡全    美国亚文交响乐团副指挥


Clarinetist Yi-Chuan Chen has given performances in various concert venues in the United States, Taiwan, Canada, and Japan. She appeared as principal clarinet with the Orchestra for New York City Ballet during its world tour in Taipei, and was invited as representative clarinetist of New York to perform at the International ClarinetFest in Vancouver, Canada. Chen has also been seen on the stages of National Theater and Concert Hall of Taiwan, Weill Recital Hall of Carnegie Hall, Queens Theatre in the Park, Skirball Center for the Performing Arts, Czech Center New York, United Nations Headquarters, and St. Paul’s Chapel of Trinity Church, to name a few. As an active concert clarinetist, Chen has performed in recent years with Bergen Symphony Orchestra, Classical Revolution New York Chapter, Contemporary Music Ensemble, Ensemble Unity, Janusphere Dance Company, Hyoshin Orchestra, Martha Cardona Theater Orchestra, One World Symphony, Tessera Winds, and Tutti Ensemble. In addition to performing on clarinet, she is equally accomplished as a collaborative pianist and multi-instrumentalist. Chen received her DMA from The City University of New York and her MM from Manhattan School of Music. She served on the teaching staff of the Aaron Copland School of Music, Queens College, and was on the faculty of Brooklyn Conservatory of Music. Dr. Chen is currently Deputy Conductor of the New York Eastern Chamber Orchestra and Music Director of Lucidus Ensemble, a New York-based chamber music collective dedicated to offering a diverse range of chamber music repertoire through performance, education, and commissions.

陈怡全,台湾台北艺术大学艺术学士、曼哈顿音乐学院硕士。纽约市立大学音乐艺术博士。曾任纽约市立芭蕾舞团乐团首席单簧管,并受邀在加拿大温哥华举行的国际单簧管音乐节上演出。此外,她也曾在纽约三一教堂系列音乐会中演出。她曾任教于纽约市立皇后大学库普兰音乐学院。现任Tessera Winds和Tutti Ensemble首席单簧管,以及Lucidus Ensemble音乐总监。

Peiwen Liao

First Chair Violinist


廖佩珳   美国亚文交响乐团小提琴首席


Peiwen Liao is now studying at the world-famous music institution The Julliard School, following Honorary Fellowship Mr. Stephen Clapp.At the age of 13, she was invited to perform as soloist with Manhattan Symphonie in Carnegie Hall. All the tickets were sold out instantly and made the record of the youngest solo performer at Carnegie Hall. She is described as the biggest shining star in classical music.

She also gained great attention on her solo performance in Jerusalem, as well as her corporation with prestigious symphony at Lincoln Center. She toured with Manhattan Symphony to perform in different cities in China for many times.

廖佩珳目前就读于全球最顶尖的音乐学院–茱莉亚音乐学院,师从荣誉院Mr. Stephen Clapp。13岁时,她受邀与纽约曼哈顿交响乐团合作,在享誉盛名的纽约卡内基音乐厅举办个人独奏会,演出前门票销售一空,创下卡内基最年轻音乐人士独奏会的记录,并被媒体喻为“古典乐坛最耀眼的一颗新星”。她在耶路撒冷举办的独奏会和在纽约林肯艺术中心与世界闻名交响乐团的合作都获得观众和媒体的一致好评。她曾6次随纽约曼哈顿交响乐团赴中国各大城市巡演。

Fangtao Jiang   


姜芳涛  女高音歌唱

Fangtao Jiang followed Prof. Xiaoyan Zhou at Shanghai Conservatory of Music. In 1001, Fangtao Jiang was selected in Atlanta International Music Festival, and became the only representative of the Chinese vocal artists to participate in the performance. At the end of 2002, Fangtao Jiang started her vocal education at The Juilliard School. She then got hired by Artistic Planning and Operations department at Carnegie Hall.

As the winner of the Bellini International Vocal Competition, from Lincoln Center, to Rome, to Paris, to Berlin, she has performed throughout the world, on some of the most prestigious operatic and concert stages. She has worked with all of the leading companies, including the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, Rome Opera.The International Opera Alliance honored her as The Most Promising Youth Vocalist. After her performance in Italy at 2004, the local newspaper spoke highly of her, as There is gold in her voice. In 2005, she won the first prize in The International Vincenzo Bellini Belcanto Contest.

姜芳涛师从中国上海音乐学院著名声乐教育家周小燕教授。2002年,姜芳涛入选美国亚特兰大国际音乐节,成为唯一代表中国声乐艺术家参加演出的选手。2002年底,姜芳涛来到纽约,进入茱莉亚音乐学院进修声乐。2003年被卡内基音乐厅艺术策划部录取。她曾在纽约林肯艺术中心、尤他州歌剧院、密歇根歌剧院、罗马歌剧艺术节、法国尼斯歌剧艺术节等场合演唱。其足迹遍及全美、欧洲等地。她曾参加多部歌剧和个人独唱音乐会。国际歌剧联盟(International Opera Alliance)在2006年评选姜芳涛为“最有前途的青年歌唱家”。2004年她在意大利演出后,当地报纸发表评论:“姜芳涛的声音里有黄金。” 2005年,姜芳涛荣获意大利贝利尼声乐比赛一等奖。

Riccardo Meri


Riccardo Meri     男高音歌唱家

Since being in US (2014) Riccardo Meri has sung in various concerts in NYC, including at Carnegie Hall, Symphony Space Hall, Lincoln Center, Columbus Citizens Foundation, in Florida,  and in Kansas (Wichita, Salina, McPherson), with Wichita Grand Opera, where he also covered, the title Role of “Don Carlo” by Verdi, understudied the role of Calaf in “Turandot” having the opportunity to share the stage with Bass-Baritone Samuel Ramey, Bass William Powers, etc.

Meri also performed in a big Concert at UN in NYC, with the New York Eastern Chamber Orchestra, for the International Day of Peace. “IN PEACE WE LOVE” concert was recorded by UN WEB TV and broadcasted on the official website of United Nations.

He appeared in many Gala Concerts in Europe including Bozar Hall in Brussels, Belgium.  Just Recentl, Meri performed at Gala Concert at the prestigious “Town Hall” in Manhattan, with the famous Soprano Inva Mula, world renowned soprano, widely known for her performance of Diva Plavalaguna in’ The fifth element’  hollywood movie.

Meri has performed the leading role of Tamino in June, 2016, in a staged production of “Magic Flute” by W. A. Mozart, with Metamorphosis Orchestra, at Bruno Walter Auditorium at Lincoln Center, with NYLOT company, made his debue with the Camerata New York Orchestra where he performed on of the most demanding tenor solo of the Swan from Carmina Burana by C. Orff.

自2014年抵美以来,Riccardo Meri先后在纽约卡内基音乐厅、交响空间、林肯艺术中心、哥伦布市民基金会,以及佛罗里达州和堪萨斯州等多个地方成功举办过音乐会。他曾在纽约联合国总部举办的“世界和平日”大型音乐会上演出,在欧洲布鲁塞尔Bozar Hall等地多次出席大型活动。2016年,Riccardo Meri同世界知名女高音歌唱家Inva Mula在曼哈顿市政厅联袂演出。2016年6月,Riccardo Meri同芝加哥变形交响乐团、NYLOT公司合作,在纽约林肯艺术中心上演的改编版莫扎特作品《魔笛》中担任主角Tamino。

Ryland Angel


Ryland Angel   男高音歌唱家

Born on St Cecilia’s day, the Grammy-nominated British counter-tenor Ryland Angel has built an international reputation on both the opera and concert stage, in repertoire ranging from the Baroque to new operatic commissions at major opera houses, concert halls and festivals throughout Europe and the USA. He has performed in Monteverdi’s Orfeo, Gavin Bryars’s Doctor Ox’s Experiment (English National Opera), Fairy Queen (Barcelona), Gluck’s Orfeo (Koblenz), Amadigi (Karlsruhe), Venus and Adonis (Flanders Opera), Dido and Aeneas (Opera Comique), The Play of Daniel (Spoleto), and Ballet Comique de La Royne (Geneva). Angel has sung on over 70 recordings including music of Buxtehude, Charpentier, Scarlatti, Stradella, Spears, O’Regan, Handel, Monteverdi, Purcell, Bach and on the film soundtracks of Jack Reacher – never go back, Zoolander 2, Freedom, Le Petit Prince, La Peau, Henry 4th, Machete, The Mystery of Dante and the PBS TV special Heavenly Voices. Recent engagements include Doux Mensonges (Opera National de Paris), Agrippina(NYCO), A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Florentine and Kansas Opera), Julius Caesar (Utah  and Colorado Opera, Boston Baroque), Sant Alessio (Paris, London, New York), Carmina Burana (Lincoln Center and Prague Proms with CNSO), St. John Passion (Saint Thomas and Worcester Chorus), Classics and Rock (Seoul Philharmonic), Tesla (Dartmouth), Striggio with Le Concert Spiriuel (Edinburgh Festival), Acis and Galatea (Houston) and Messiah (Handel and Haydn Society, Masterworks Chorus, Musica Sacra).Recent recordings include The Flaming Fire (MSR), Heart and Soul (Centaur) , La Sposa (Solo Luminus) and Now Fatal Change (NMC). Ryland is a fellow at the Institute for Advanced Study at the University of Minnesota and has talk master classes around the world including some at UNT, Conservatoire of Toulouse, Princeton high school and  Conspirare Youth choirs.

英国知名男高音歌唱家Ryland Angel在歌剧和音乐会舞台上享有较高国际知名度,曾获得过“格莱美奖”金奖提名。他的演出曲目涵盖巴洛克时期的歌剧作品以及适合在大型歌剧院表演的现代歌剧。他曾在英国国家歌剧院、弗兰德斯歌剧院、日内瓦芭蕾剧场等多个欧美歌剧院、音乐节登台演出。Ryland Angel参与过包括《小王子》、《亨利四世》、《但丁秘史》电影声带录制在内的70多部唱片的录制。Ryland Angel目前在明尼苏达继续教育学院担任教职,在全国各地推广大师音乐作品。