The Asian Cultural Symphony Summer Concert was held in Bryant Park, Manhattan, New York. Tens of thousands of  attendees watched the show. The concert kicked off by “Carmen”. Soprano Zhang Xiaoqing brought the Kazakh folk song “Mayila” to the audiences, which drew warm applause. Tian Yi, concert master of the Orchestra, genius violinist Liao Pei-wen, who graduated from the Juilliard School of Music and now studies at Yale University, and violinists Ruby Wang and Adam Von Houson collaborated together to bring a cheerful violin quartet. Liao Pei-wen also performed the ” Song of the Wanderer”. 

Pang Xuan and Chen Quan’s “The Duet of Flowers” are graceful and delicate, Zhang Xiaoqing, Ellis Gage brought “All I Ask of You” , Cody Austin, Chen Quan and Song Song performed “Mrs Butterfly” and “Toast Song”. Suona is a chinese traditional instrument, and it is extremely rare to play with symphony. The famous Suona player Guo Yazhi and the Asian Cultural Symphony cooperated together again to perform “Jujube”. The music is enthusiastic and bold, with local characteristics.