In the evening of September 15th, “ The Asian Cultural Symphony 2017 Fall Concert”, presented by the Asian Cultural Center and the Asian Cultural Symphony was staged at Alice Tully Hall in Lincoln Center of New York.

The Asian Cultural Symphony, performed jointly with a number of top artists from both countries, provided the audience with an enchanting musical feast that combined Chinese and Western styles to celebrate the traditional Chinese mid-autumn festival. Alice Tully Hall was fully occupied, people from all over the world gathered together in this wonderful and unforgettable night.

The concert started with the symphony “Ode to the Sunlight”. The magnificent music, backgrounded by the gigantic video lit up the scene. It followed with the well-known Chinese and foreign music pieces and songs, “Rippling Brook“, “Nessun Dorma”, “Jiuer” and etc.  The entire evening was filled with waves of upsurges and cheers from the audience.

The Asian Cultural Symphony of the USA presented a full-star show. Artists from China included Huo, Zun, who is praised as the sound of nature and the champion signer of the first episode of the Sing My Song, a Chinese Talent Show; Li, Jun, a renowned Peking Opera artist and Mei Lanfang Opera Award gold medal winner, and Lin, Bao, the new ‘Golden voice of Shanghai’. Their representative pieces included those young generations have been captivated by: “Rolling Up the Bead Curtain”, “The Legend of MiYue” theme song, “Jasmine Flower Song”, as well as the beloved historical Peking Opera excerpt “Climbing Tiger Mountain”. Other shinning artists on stage included the famous American baritone singer Brian Montgomery, guitar master Gary Lucas, tenor Mackenzi Whitney, soprano Emilie Bienne and other American Grammy award nominees, European vocal music awards nominees, artists from Broadway and New York Metropolitan Opera.