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“此/cǐ/彼/bǐ/”, translate as “here, there” in English, are two Chinese characters that first explained by Mozi, a Chinese philosopher during the Hundred Schools of Thought period (from the 6th century to 221 BC). The book named after him, “Mozi·The Scriptures”, included a detailed argument of the opposition of “here” and “there”. His theory is that “here” and “there” debates each other, and when one tries to address “here” should avoid “there”, vice versa.

However, nowadays, “there” can be reflected “here” and “here” may revolute into “there”. These two concepts are inextricably linked.

Here, indicates a very person or thing, time or place.

There, is opposite, but would not be applicable if “here” does not exist.

At the time of the Lunar New Year 2019, “here” is the overseas artists, far from their hometowns; “there” is their roots deep down the soil in their hometowns. “Here” can also be the divergent thoughts of contemporary artists, while “there” can also be the time-honored and treasure-like tradition. “Here” represents an individual; “there” might be celestial.

On February 8th, our artists will get together in the atrium of the Oculus at the World Trade Center in New York City, showcasing their understanding and explorations of “here” and “there”.


Presented by:

Asian Cultural Center


Organized by:

ātman curation

MazeDesign Inc.